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Dease River First Nation

Dease River Development Corporation

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Date: March 14, 2018

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Dease River Development Corporation (DRDC) has been in operation for 10 years. It is involved in forestry development/​management and operates a saw mill in Good Hope Lake that provides lumber and materials for local and commercial/​​mining use. Dease River Development Corporation has invested in a core box facility that produces core boxes for exploration purposes for mining companies.

Dease River Development Corporation is involved in a number of initiatives:

  • Pursuing the development of a small hydro project that would sell renewable energy to BC Hydro to service Good Hope Lake and Jade City.
  • Working with JDS Mine at the Silvertip Mine Site implementing the Socio Economic Participation Agreement.
  • Assisting Dease River First Nation with Capital services (renovating homes and road maintenance).
  • Currently involved in a major BC Hydro remote electrification program which involves the set-up of a generator station that would then service Jade City and Dease River First Nation. This will address the issue of remote communities having to rely on diesel generators by now being able to access provide services by BC Hydro.
  • Through a joint venture partnership with Arctic Construction, DRDC is involved in setting up the transmission line that would connect the generators to Jade City and Good Hope Lake on Highway 37. This involves clearing the right‑of‑way, setting up poles, as well as replacing 200 power poles in Good Hope Lake and Jade City. This project is four months long, from July through October, 2015, and has employed over 20 Kaska from Dease River First Nation, Daylu Dena Council, and Liard First Nation, collectively.

For further information contact:

Elvis Fjellner

General Manager

PO Box 9, Lower Post, BC V0C 1W0
Phone: 250.779.3181 | Fax: 250.779.3020