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While Kaska Dena view themselves as one Nation, due to borders that were imposed by Canada, the Kaska Nation is a transboundary Nation, with traditional territory in British Columbia, Yukon, and Northwest Territories.

The Kaska Nation was further divided by Canada into four Indian Act bands: Ross River Dena Council in Yukon, Liard First Nation in Yukon/BC, and Dease River First Nation and Kwadacha First Nation in British Columbia. As the Yukon/BC border divides the Liard First Nation, the Liard #3 Reserve at Lower Post in BC has its own election process to elect a Deputy Chief and council members for its own Council – Daylu Dena Council.

The Kaska Nation is represented in negotiation of agreements by three bodies: the Kaska Dena Council representing Kaska Dena Council members; the Liard First Nation; and the Ross River Dena Council.

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