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Boya Lake Provincial Park Has Been Changed to a Kaska Name: Tā Ch’ilā Provincial Park

In 2019, Kaska Dena representatives reached agreement with BC Provincial Parks to have Boya Lake Park changed to a Kaska name at the entrance to the park. The name of Boya Lake Park has been changed to Tā Ch’ilā (aka Boya Lake) Park, a name chosen by Kaska Elders meaning “blanket full of holes”.

Tā Ch’ilā Provincial Park is situated in Kaska Dena Traditional Territory in north western BC, near Dease River First Nation’s community of Good Hope Lake. The park area is riddled with lakes, which Kaska Elders said resembles a blanket full of holes.

A kiosk will be established at the picnic site in the park with historical photos of Kaska Dena who traditionally used this area. Information about Kaska Dena will be written in Kaska language and translated into English to provide information for visitors about the history of Kaska Dena and their use of the area. The kiosk will also feature a sound bite of Kaska Drummers singing a traditional Kaska welcome drum song.

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