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The Kaska Dena have developed a Kaska Dena Land Use Framework that includes community-based natural resource development policies, management practices, and land use zoning. It is a framework for the Kaska Dena to use with governments and the natural resource industry sectors in collaborative management of Kaska lands and resources in our traditional territory.

Kaska policies layout the expectations we have on how governments and natural resource sectors will consult, accommodate, and how we will jointly manage our lands and resources.

It is important to understand that given the range of development activities that can occur in our traditional territory, it is not our intention to list every practice, but to provide a guide of management approaches and key landscape and site level management practices. We will provide detailed practices and recommendations as proponents or governments engage us on resource development or planning.

Kaska Dena Land Use Framework / Dena Kayeh Institute (2010) (PDF)

Kaska land use zoning identifies a network of Kaska protected areas, special management areas, and site specific features with specific management approaches. In addition, we apply a general management practice across scales to concentrate human activities while maintaining large areas of undisturbed lands and water.

Finally, we are committed to engagement and monitoring throughout the full life cycle of a development project. We see it as an approach to manage our lands and water and establish long-term relationships with proponents and governments.

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