Kaska Dena Council

George Miller, Chair
PO Box 9,
Lower Post, BC
V0C 1W0
TEL: 250-779-3181
FAX: 250-779-3020
EMAIL: kdc@northwestel.net

Daylu Dena Council

Deputy Chief Fred Lutz Sr.
PO Box 10
Lower Post, BC
V0C 1W0
TEL: 250-779-3161
FAX: 250-779-3371

Dease River First Nation

Chief Ruby Johnny
PO Box 79
Good Hope Lake, BC
V0C 2Z0
TEL: 250-239-3000
FAX: 250-239-3003

Kwadacha Nation

Chief Donny Van Somer
PO Box 86
Fort Ware, BC
V0J 3B0
TEL: 250-471-2302
TEL: 250-563-4161 (Kwadacha Administration)
FAX: 250-471-2071

Strategic Engagement Agreement

Kaska Lands and Resources Offices

Gillian Staveley
SEA, Regional Coordinator
TEL: 403-465-3385
Myles Manygreyhorses
Land and Resource Officer, Good Hope Lake
TEL: 250-239-3037
Shawna Case
Land and Resource Officer, Kwadacha (Fort Ware)
TEL: 250-471-2302
FAX: 250-471-2071
Vanessa Law
Land and Resource Officer, Lower Post (Daylu)
TEL: 250-779-3161

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