Eligibility for Kaska Dena Council Members

The Kaska Dena Council was formed as a Society in 1981 to advance interests of Kaska individuals who are beneficiaries of a potential treaty settlement in British Columbia with BC and Canada.

KDC is a member-based Society with membership criteria set out in the KDC Society By-laws.

Members of Kaska Dena Council are those members of the Kaska Nation who:

  • Are or were, residents in British Columbia, and/or whose ancestors were ordinarily residents in British Columbia.
  • Meet the criteria of Kaska Dena ancestry

Kaska Dena Council Member List

  • It is important to be on the KDC membership list so that KDC has your current contact information to keep you informed about important information such as dates of our General Assembly, and information on negotiations, agreements, or initiatives.
  • Kaska Dena members are entitled to vote at the General Assembly for KDC Executives (Chair, Vice Chair of Finance, and Vice Chair of Lands and Resources) and can also vote on resolutions that are passed at the General Assembly.

Complete a KDC Membership Enrollment Form or your Contact Update Form, found below.

Membership Enrollment Form

To enroll as a KDC member, please:
Complete the online Membership Enrollment Application Form, or download and submit the fillable Membership Enrollment Application Form PDF.

Contact Update Form

Updating Your Contact Information

If your personal or contact information has changed, please:
Complete the online Membership Contact Update Form, or download and submit the fillable Membership Contact Update Form PDF.

For further information, please contact:

Kaska Dena Council