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Heaven’s Pass [Documentary] – DVD

WRITTEN: June 1, 2001 - AUTHOR:

Date: June 1, 2001

Author: Heaven's Pass Productions

Date: 2001

Heaven’s Pass is a 60-minute documentary about the Teh Wa Dena or People of Stone Mountain. Only a handful of the Teh Wa Dena remain in the Muncho Lake region of BC, the last speakers of the Muncho dialect of the Kaska Aboriginal language.

Kaska guide George McDonald provides a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle of the Kaska Dena through a four-season tour through an important part of the Kaska Dena Traditional Territory in the heart of the Muskwa-Kechika Special Management Area, in Northern British Columbia.

Their territory shelters the greatest number of large animals in North America, including moose, Stone sheep, caribou, bison, wolverine, and grizzly bears.

Heaven’s Pass is in English and Kaska (with English subtitles). The film premiered in Vancouver in June 2001 to a sold-out audience.

For further information, or to purchase a DVD, please contact the Kaska Dena Council office at: 250.779.3181.

PO Box 9, Lower Post, BC V0C 1W0
Phone: 250.779.3181 | Fax: 250.779.3020